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  • Conveniently located 25 minutes from downtown Chicago, in downtown Downers Grove

    The School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology is located at 515 Ogden Ave, Downers Grove IL
    We are dedicated to teaching holistic massage and reflexology by utilizing a combination of natural massage techniques that allow the body to heal itself.

    Michael McALeese Still has a successful Private Practice - holistic Massage & reflexology Center click here

2018 Upcoming Classes

•Intro to Dermoneuromodulation
(3/9 Friday Time TBA)

(6/9 & 6/10 sat-Sun 2 days)

•Lymphatic drainage class
(6/30-7/1 Sat & Sun)

Restoring Range of Motion
(9/7-9/9 Fri, sat, sun 3 days)

Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer
(dates and times TO be announced)

Upcoming classes

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